Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (2024)

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Draco Angel Kitsune Lava Girl Tech Golem

LUDUS – Merge Arena PvPisn’t just another strategygame; it’s a thrilling battleground where every decision counts, and quick thinking can make the difference between victory and defeat. With its dynamic merging mechanicsand fast-paced PvP action, players are constantly on the edge of their seats, strategizing their next move and adapting to the ever-changing battlefield. Each match is a blend of careful planning and spontaneous action, creating an experience that’s both challenging and exhilarating.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 5 cards that can elevate any deck and provide a significant advantage in battles. These cards are powerhouses on their own and can seamlessly fit into various playstyles, making them essential for anyone looking to dominate the arena. Whether you’re a beginner to LUDUSor a veteran looking for a new perspective, let’s check out these game-changing cards.


Draco is a powerhouse with his skill that unleashes a fiery barrier across three vertical tiles, dealing substantial damage to any enemies caught in the blast. The fire continues to rage in the affected tiles, inflicting additional damage per second to any units that remain within the flames. This persistent area-of-effect damage can quickly turn the tide of battle by weakening or outright eliminating groups of enemies.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (1)

Effectively using Draco in combat involves strategic placement to maximize the impact of his fiery barrier. Position him where enemy units are most likely to cluster, such as choke points or areas with high enemy traffic. This ensures that the barrier catches multiple enemies, maximizing its damage potential. Draco is particularly effective against swarms of weaker units, as his persistent fire can wear them down rapidly, allowing your other units to focus on stronger targets.


Angel is a powerful healer unit with a large buff pattern, making him an invaluable asset for maintaining the health and effectiveness of your army. His skill allows him to cure allies of all negative effects while applying a heal over time, restoring a significant amount of HP. This dual capability of cleansing and healing makes Angel indispensable in prolonged battles where status effects and sustained damage can otherwise decimate your forces.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (2)

To use Angel effectively, position him centrally within your formation to maximize the reach of his healing and buffing abilities. This positioning ensures that as many units as possible benefit from his skill, keeping your frontline fighters and key damage dealers healthy and free from debilitating effects. Pairing Angel with tanky units can create an almost unstoppable frontline, allowing your damage dealers to operate without fear of being overwhelmed.


Kitsune, the shapeshifting fox, excels as a disruptor on the battlefield. Her skill envelops her in an energy-draining field that deals heavy damage per second to enemies caught within, silencing them, and draining their energy. This field also shocks enemies, lowering their damage output and slowing them down. Kitsune’s ability to both damage and debuff enemies makes her a versatile and highly effective unit.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (3)

Incorporate Kitsune into your strategy by placing her where she can affect the maximum number of enemy units. Her energy-draining field is particularly effective against clusters of high-damage units, as the silence and energy drain can neutralize their offensive capabilities. Use Kitsune to disrupt the enemy’s strategy, creating openings for your other units to exploit. Her presence can significantly reduce the threat posed by powerful enemy units, giving you the upper hand in combat.

Lava Girl

Lava Girl specializes in melting individual enemies with her powerful basic attacks and a stacking fire debuff. Her skill envelops her in flames, increasing her damage and attack speed massively for the remainder of the round. Her attacks set enemies on fire, applying a stacking debuff that deals increasing damage over time. Additionally, Lava Girl periodically heals herself while enemies are burning, with the healing increasing based on the number of burning enemies.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (4)

To maximize Lava Girl’s effectiveness, deploy her against high-value targets or clusters of enemies to spread her fire debuff widely. Her ability to increase her damage and attack speed means she can quickly eliminate key threats, while her self-healing ensures she remains in the fight longer. Use her strategically to weaken and eliminate strong enemy units, leveraging her stacking debuff to its fullest potential. Pair her with units that can control or cluster enemies, ensuring her fire debuff affects as many foes as possible.

Tech Golem

Tech Golem is a powerful tank whose mere presence on the battlefield damages enemies. His skill envelops him in a shield that has a chance of zapping enemies whenever he takes damage. This passive damage capability, combined with his large buff pattern, makes Tech Golem an excellent frontline unit capable of both absorbing damage and dealing it back to enemies.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (5)

Position Tech Golem at the front of your formation to take full advantage of his tanking capabilities and large buff pattern. His ability to zap enemies when hit means he can effectively wear down attacking units, providing a steady stream of damage while protecting your more vulnerable units. Use him to anchor your defense, drawing enemy attacks and dealing damage passively. His presence can significantly reduce the pressure on your other units, allowing them to perform their roles more effectively.

These five cards are exceptional in their own right, bringing unique and powerful abilities to any deck in LUDUS – Merge Arena PvP. Incorporating them into your strategy can provide a substantial boost to your performance, regardless of your playstyle. Experiment with these cards, find the combinations that work best for you, and watch as your victories in the arena multiply. Happy battling!Play LUDUS – Merge Arena PvP on your PC or Laptopwith BlueStacks for an enhanced gaming experience.

Top 5 Must-Have Cards in LUDUS - Merge Arena PvP | BlueStacks (2024)
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